Smelly Louie


A fox, a mouldy cheese smelling boot, flies around the bin, snails in the brambles, are amongst a collection of characters and discoveries Louie unearths as he works to find his own Special Smell. Rose and apple blossom baths may erase it, but our hero, ‘Smelly Louie’, is on the scent; he isn’t Smelly Louie for nothing!

Join Louie on his hunt through avenues unknown and less considered as he accumulates all the essences necessary to recreate his own Special Smell. You’ll be entranced, amazed and disgusted… and definitely amused!

This beautiful, imaginative, water-colour wonderful picture book is a glorious treat to be enjoyed alone after lots of reading together. We recommend it highly for our early readers.


Smelly Louie

Catherine Rayner


Louie’s smell is erased by a bath.  Now there is nothing he won’t do, nowhere he won’t travel, to get his own, special smell back….
Smelly Louie’ is a warm, funny story by Catherine Rayner, pitch-perfect picture book maker, recommended for sharing and reading and enjoying by our youngest readers, and many older ones too!


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