What if the day beckons for a cycle ride? Then that you’re the ‘little brother’ struggling to keep up with the group, destined to fall further and further behind. What’s more, when you deviate off path in an effort to catch up, you might run over a snail. In fact, aren’t you the Snail? Isn’t it all too difficult, just worth throwing it all in with an ‘Ugh!‘?

However, what if another snail might point something out to you? Something that lies hidden, only to be discovered from this, solo vantage point, discovered accidentally through falling behind. In fact, might it stir a reminder that it’s better to go at your own pace, to keep our ‘eyes on the sky’?

Bookwagon adores Snail. Minu Kim’s debut picture book is a triumph, the illustrations initially reminding this reader of the works of Goscinny and Sempé, but then the perspective and use of line and sequence give way to a glorious, colourful philosophical reveal. We recommend Snail highly as a picture book to gift to all ages. It’s one to treasure, know and keep active in our minds and hearts.

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Minu Kim translated from the Korean by Mattho Mandersloot

(Pushkin Children’s)

What do you do when you’re told that ‘we’re too fast for you’? That you’re a Snail as compared to the other kids? Wouldn’t you be like the little brother and hurry along as fast as your pushbike might allow you? However what if the bigger boys get ‘further and further away’ until you’re dismissed. In fact you’re told to ‘go back‘ because you’re ‘too slow’.
Then again, might you be like little brother and deviate along your path because of the snail you swerve to avoid- ‘AAAH!‘ until ‘Ugh…!’
However, what if by taking it slow, and then keeping your ‘eyes on the sky’ there’s something better than just being in step, keeping up with the flow of the others?
Minu Kim‘s debut picture book is a triumph. It reminds us of the joy in taking life at our own pace. Then again, alongside the message, we’ve outstanding illustrations, for the most part black and white, with various perspectives and elegant sequencing. Therefore the conclusion is a glorious reveal, rather like the little brother feels when he reaches it too. Bookwagon loves and recommends Snail as a beautiful book to gift, treasure and know well.



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