Snake and Lizard


‘Snake and Lizard’ make an unlikely pair. One talks too much, the other overindulges on eggs.  One sulks, the other thinks his stories are not REALLY lies. Both like the only sunny spot in the front of their home.

This chapter book won the NZ Book Award, deservedly, for its unusual subject matter and characters, and respectful story telling. As the chapters continue, the reader witnesses the development of their friendship, how they tolerate differences, and how they come to like, depend upon and respect each other.

Snake and Lizard‘ is a really appealing, engrossing chapter book that Bookwagon recommends highly!


Snake and Lizard

Joy Cowley/ Gavin Bishop

(Gecko Press)

‘Snake and Lizard’ is a New Zealand classic. This story of morality, friendship and expectation is a satisfying concoction. Celebrated writer Joy Cowley and acclaimed picture book maker Gavin Bishop, have created a respectful title for young readers. The characters remain true to their species, yet their issues are those with which we are all familiar.


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