Sneaky Beak


Where would Bear be without ‘Sneaky Beak’? Sneaky Beak seems to know that Bear’s bed might be in need of replacement. His bounce test bunnies prove this! Sneaky Beak seems to know that Bear requires a bubblier bath. While Hamster isn’t so certain Bear sits in his Turbo charged bath and prepares to investigate the buttons….

‘Sneaky Beak‘ has ‘the deal just for you’ on so many products! He’s even quick with a gift, a Crunch-o-Matic Granola maker. Hamster waits, silently, apprehensively, as Bear plugs in the latest device….

There is even an out of this world holiday experience offered by ‘Sneaky Beak‘, a ‘get away from it all, leaving Hamster ‘further and further’ behind.

The story and pictures of ‘Sneaky Beak’ are exaggerated, expressive and brilliantly drawn. We join Hamster watching ‘Sneaky Beak’ draw Bear in through his persuasion that weighs upon Bear’s doubts and fears. Will Bear stand up for himself and Hamster, or could there be even more products without which he couldn’t exist?


Sneaky Beak

Tracey Corderoy and Tony Neal

(Little Tiger)– hardback

Is your bed BOUNCY enough? Do you have a BUBBLY enough bath? Is your cereal CRUNCHY enough? Don’t worry! ‘Sneaky Beak‘ has the perfect product for problems about which you’re not even aware!
What happens when Sneaky Beak’s offers begin to take root in your thinking? Maybe your bed isn’t really bouncy enough? It seems like Sneaky Beak has his finger on the pulse! He has bounce test bunnies for your bed! They can install a bathroom ‘of taps and tubes’ too! Bear and Hamster must be over the moon! Shiny new products that include a special Crunch-o-Matic Granola Maker! Perfect, isn’t it?
I love the way that Tracey Corderoy has created Sneaky Beak with the tuned-in rhyming patter. His ‘beady eyes peep’ in at Bear and Hamster at just the ‘right’ moment for there’s no way that he’s missing a sales’ opportunity! Sneaky Beak is a master of persuasive language. Hamster’s silent horror, as he watches Bear’s manipulation, meanwhile, is almost palpable! What a clever picture book! There is a hint of Jory John and Beni Davis’ All Right Already! series, in the humour and characterisation.
A marriage of fully realised characterisation, convincing, descriptive language, and slick, TV pictures from Tony Neal results in a really satisfying book. ‘Sneaky Beak’ would be proud!


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