Are you weary after a busy day but finding it hard to sleep? Snooze offers such helpful advice. Perhaps you might begin by finding a cosy place that is peaceful and comfortable. Then you should make sure it is dark for light can disturb you. What about some nice soothing music? Furthermore, it is wise to ask the neighbours to keep the noise down if they’re likely to disturb you.

We follow tired little owl as he follows the tips offered in Snooze. Yet what happens if he meets problems along the way? There may be a rooster or barking dogs, or even raucous music! Can little owl get to sleep? Is that the end of the story?

The pictures are tapestry bright and intricate,  as though they’re sleep woven. Thereafter, the story is tongue-in-cheek funny and accessible. Snooze is a rich and loving picture book in which Bookwagon delights!



A Helpful Guide for Sleepy Owls

by Eilidh Muldoon

(Little Door Books)

Snooze offers guidance to busy owls who may be ‘feeling tired after a busy day‘. How might they fall asleep? What about finding somewhere peaceful and comfortable? It’s important to find a place where you’re certain not to be disturbed. Thereafter, if is helpful to have the lights off and maybe some soothing sounds. What would work for you?
It is a good idea to ask your neighbours ‘to keep the noise down’. Perhaps if you follow up on the good advice in this book you could have a good night’s sleep too? Eilidh Muldoon’s words are so reasonable, while her pictures are very amusing. We follow Little Owl’s efforts to fall asleep carefully, step by step. Thereafter, we realise his difficulties. What if the nearby noises are not particularly soothing? Furthermore, what if the peaceful place you select to sleep is anything but peaceful?
Bookwagon is delighted to welcome Little Owl and this sage advice aboard. Furthermore, we’re very pleased to discover such a beautiful, wry, ‘begging to be shared’ bedtime story! Rather like Here Comes the Sun this is a superb story choice with which to settle down. It’s time to Snooze.



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