Snow Foal


Just let lovely Ruth and Sam look after you for a bit’ Penny, the social worker, encourages Addie. Yet Addie takes care of her Mam. That’s the way it’s meant to be. She didn’t mean to drop the milk bottle and alert the suspicions of the neighbours that Mam wasn’t coping again. Yet somehow, somebody found out and now Addie’s here, on an Exmoor farm, with lovely Ruth and Sam and Gabe, and Flo the sheepdog. There are other children, including Sunni, who doesn’t want Addie there, and Jake, who says nothing.

Addie’s arrival coincides with the rescue of a foal, from the Exmoor snow. He is starving, petrified and defensive. His origins are unknown. Could he be one of the special Exmoor ponies? If not, his future is uncertain. Addie aligns herself to the foal, finding a deep affinity in their insecurities and fears. Although she feels out of control in her own circumstances, there might be a chance that she can ensure a positive outcome for the foal, possibly?

‘Snow Foal’ is a wise, empathetic and moving story. We will Addie to be safe, secure, vital and loved. Bookwagon recommends this beautiful book to confident readers.

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Snow Foal

Susanna Bailey


The ‘Snow Foal‘ is discovered alone and petrified on Exmoor. Its life runs parallel with Addie’s for she is to live on the same farm as the foal. Both are determined they will not stay, yet neither has certainty as to their mothers, nor their futures. Furthermore, both are dependent on the kindness of the strangers who live at the farm, who compose their foster family.
Addie cannot believe Ruth, for she has a face that looks ‘ as if it [is] used to smiling’. Furthermore she has few rules and understands Addie’s fears and need for her Mum. However, can Ruth and Sam, and Gabe, understand why the foal’s future happiness is so very important to Addie? Could there ever be a time they might understand how much Sunni doesn’t want her to stay? Maybe they don’t appreciate how much she understands Jude’s needs…
Like Caterpillar Summer, ‘Snow Foal’ is a book that is propelled by feelings. Addie’s desperate home circumstances have resulted in her needing foster care. She does not believe the assurances of Penny, or any of the officials supporting her. Therefore she is suspicious of the farming family who seem too good to be true. However something about the foal carries her trust and hopes. What a truly beautiful, empathetic and convincing story.


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