Snow Leopard: Grey Ghost of the Mountain


High in the Indian Himalayas live a vulnerable population of snow leopards. From their coats to the shape of their paws, these breathtaking creatures are specially adapted to their harsh habitat.

Snow Leopard: Grey Ghost of the Mountain is written by Justin Anderson, who spent three years observing and filming in Ladakh, the Indian Himalayas. He details how these isolated animals communicate, raise their young, grow, feed and survive, despite threat and a hostile environment.

Patrick Benson’s pictures are breathtakingly beautiful; they recognise the nobility, grace and strength of the snow leopard.

Snow Leopard: Grey Ghost of the Mountain is a truly special animal information book that we recommend highly.

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Snow Leopard: Grey Ghost of the Mountain

Justin Anderson, illustrated by Patrick Benson

(Walker Books)

Justin Anderson ‘spent three years in Ladakh‘, Indian Himalayas for Planet Earth II. The writer is a zoologist and filmmaker. Snow Leopard: Grey Ghost of the Mountain is his account of this magnificent, elusive creature. We learn about the particular attributes that suit its hostile environment. Thereafter we see it curl its long tail like a scarf, wrapped to defend itself from blizzards.
Furthermore, we realise how unique it is beyond this tail, from its coat to eye colour, paw pads to silent hunting. We learn how scientists recognise that they communicate by pee- mail across their huge distances! Then we’re party to a hunt, watching the snow leopard track down a group of ibex.
Throughout this magnificent information book, Patrick Benson’s subtle, empathetic pictures create the snow leopard’s habitat and behaviour thoughtfully. In addition to the pacy story about the snow leopard, there are factual asides. These give fascinating observations, e.g., drawing our attention to ‘the 4,000 hairs packed tightly into the space beneath your fingertips’.
Snow Leopard: Grey Ghost of the Mountain is a luscious, considerate ode to an elusive and wonderful creature. Bookwagon loves this book.


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