We are complicit in the young boy’s desperation to get outdoors and explore the snowy landscape awaiting him. He agonises as he longs to create the first footprint, to feel the talcum powder crunch beneath his feet, to realise the magical possibilities ahead. All the while, Grandad seems oblivious, except to the realities, ‘Don’t forget your scarf! Don’t forget your hat!’ We call, with the boy, ‘DON’T FORGET THE SNOW!’

Will they ever get outdoors? Will they ever explore the magical textures, tastes and smells of the snow?

We love this series and this special A5 sized hardback edition fits the wintry season ideally. We recommend ‘Snow’ to all readers, aged from 3 years.



Sam Usher

(Templar Publishing)- hardback

‘I woke up this morning, it was snowing!’ Oh the wonder, the possibilities…. we share the main character’s desperation to get out and adventure, explore and imagine in the wintry landscape. This is a beautiful title, truly warm and magical. We recommend it to readers aged from 3 years.


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