Once there lived three sisters in a beautiful white house that touched the sky. What happens when one of the sisters breaks their bond and falls in love with a mortal man?

Where has that sister disappeared? Why is her daughter, Clementine, inextricably drawn to the white house that few can see? Who is the strange boy hidden within the ‘Snowglobe‘ who needs her help to be free? ‘Snowglobe’ is a chilling, mystical, fabulous story that Bookwagon recommends to all fantasy loving readers!

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Amy Wilson

(Pan Macmillan)

On the day that Clementine snaps after enduring Jago’s endless taunting, she unleashes her magic. She has known she carries magic. It seems that Clementine has inherited it from her mother who disappeared, going to buy milk. Something in this day is different, a light, a pulsation, and then the house. Could this be something to do with a… Snowglobe?
Huge, leering, powerful, ghostly, the house appears. Clementine treads its steps warily, opens its doors to discover something otherworldly. Amongst its peculiar wonders is a Snowglobe‘ that has entrapped Dylan, a classmate. It seems that Clementine is his only hope of rescue.
Should she rescue him? Can she rescue him? The house disappears- it’s only apparent to some, and then it appears, to those with magic. Who are the two sisters who inhabit and rule this house? What relationship are they to Clementine, and her missing mother? What are the meaning of the snow globes?
Snowglobe is a magical, wondrous, tour-de-force from Amy Wilson. There is such a passion and intelligence within Ahere, reminiscent of works such as The Miraculous Sweetmakers: The Frost Fair, for example. It i, as though her words propel like Clementine’s magic! This is a fantastic ‘forever’ title!


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