So You Want to Be a Frog


So You Want to Be a Frog? It seems it will require a lot of skill. Not only will you have to be able to ‘breathe underwater’ but then again, you’ll have to ‘drink through your skin’. Then again, although you’ll enjoy eating flies, you’ll have to find a way to ‘sit still for HOURS‘ to catch one. Did you know, also, that if you’re lucky enough to catch a fly,  your eyeballs will ‘push the food down [your] throat’? 

Then again, you may not choose flies, you might ‘fancy slugs‘. However, every frog prefers live food over anything dead, wherever they might live. It seems not all frogs live in ponds. In fact, some live in deserts, while there are ‘Wood Frogs’ that ‘freeze themselves during the [Alaskan] winters‘. What’s more not every frog is green. In fact, there is a huge variety of colours, and then some that are fuzzy, like the Hairy Frog!

Jane Porter demonstrates her love of and interaction with nature in So You Want to Be a Frog. Not only is the information fresh, fascinating and accessible, but it’s wonderfully presented. This bookseller finds herself pouring froggy facts to anyone who will listen. What’s more, Neil Clark’s illustrations are detailed, beautifully integrated and very interesting. All told, So You Want to Be a Frog is a truly engaging and beautifully created non-fiction picture book that Bookwagon is proud to recommend and sell.

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So You Want to Be a Frog

Everything there is to know about frogs!

Jane Porter, illustrated by Neil Clark

(Walker Books)

It seems you’re going to need to ‘stretch those legs’ for to join the frogs’ club requires ‘very special skill‘. After all, it seems you need to ‘sit still for hours/ catch food with just your tongue/ thrive on flies/ stare without blinking….’ And that’s just for starters! Then again, what about hopping ‘twenty times your body length‘? We know how that affected Bibbit in Bibbit Jumps!
Thereafter, just as she did in her magnificent companion piece, So You Want to Be an OwlJane Porter offers a wealth of information within a witty, captivating picture book! It means that we learn about the variety of frogs within their amphibian group. This means they can ‘breathe through [their] skin as well as [their] lungs’. What’s more, we are reminded of their development before being awed by how far they can jump. Did you know that if humans were frogs, we’d be able to jump ‘the length of two buses’? (Take that Bibbit!)
The author breaks down into their individual species’ differences later in the book, where we learn of fuzzy frogs and then gliding and flying frogs. What’s more there is one that is as ‘heavy as a rabbit’. Then again, what do they eat? While flies are on every menu, they will eat nothing dead. Then again some will choose ‘banana bread with butter‘!
Bookwagon is astounded and delighted by So You Want to Be a Frog. Neil Clark’s illustration are detailed and immaculate. Meanwhile, Jane Porter’s information demonstrates her depth of research and love of the natural world.


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