So You Want to Be an Owl


Be alert! Be watchful! Be silent! So You Want to Be an Owl? There’s so much to learn! Thankfully Professor Olaf is here to put us through our paces. it seems that being an owl includes so many special skills and abilities.

For example, you should have special feet, including a zygodactyl, toes that can point forwards and backwards on the same foot! Furthermore, if you’re a Great Horned Owl, you need to be able to carry four times your own weight!

You’d also have to be able to eat a lot of prey and swallow it whole. It might lead to forming owl pellets of bones, hair, skulls and insect parts, but that’s all part of being an owl. Then there are owl ears which are subtly disguised. They’re not ‘the tufty things- used ‘to show how we’re feeling’. Instead  satellite dish faces ‘magnify what [is] heard up to TEN TIMES through hidden ears that are placed so that one ear is high than the other’!

Through creating an owl school, with a special introduction via Professor Olaf, readers learn so many astounding facts in a really approachable, engaging way. Furthermore, Jane Porter’s information is highlighted perfectly by Maddie Frost’s pictures, which are entertaining and thoroughly informative. We love Jane Porter’s books, and are aware of her love of wildlife and nature. She’s combined her picture book creativity with her ecological interests in a superb title that Bookwagon recommends highly- So You Want to Be an Owl.

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1So You Want to Be an Owl

(Everything there is to know about owls!)

Jane Porter, illustrated by Maddie Frost

(Walker Books)

So You Want to Be an Owl. It means that you must start at Owl School with Professor Olaf who is ‘always on the lookout for sharp-eared, keen-eyed, silent types to join Team Owl’. It seems there’s a long checklist to meet the grade. For starters, to be an owl, you should be almost a superhero!
When we begin, Professor Olaf compares us to a Blakiston’s Fish Owl, which is ‘as heavy as a small cat’. Meanwhile an ‘Elf Owl, weighs about the same as a teaspoon of sugar’! It seems as though owls’ feathers are almost always not waterproof, furthermore, they’re able to disappear, almost so that they’re ‘masters of disguise’. Owls have ‘very special’ eyes. Not only are they very largest they’re ‘tube shaped, making them ‘more sensitive to light and movement’.
Jane Porter’s format, of an interview, is a perfect method to capture the interest of readers. We learn so much through Professor Olaf, while Maddie Frost’s illustrations are captivating. They hit the spot perfectly! Furthermore, we’re enraptured by the facts offered. Owls are quite fantastic! I’m sure that I would fail the test at the first hurdle. I may decline Professor Olaf’s invitation- So You Want to Be an Owl– but I will rush to read and recommend this superb and owl-tastic picture book!


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