Solomon Crocodile


‘Solomon Crocodile’ is bored. Nobody wants to play with him, and everyone is cross. Dragonflies, storks and especially hippo have had enough of him. To top that off, he’s being blamed for some hullabaloo with which he has had nothing to do! Who could be the real cause of that uproar?

Share the rumpus and the bustle of Solomon, his friends and companions, and discover the reason for the kerfuffle, in this perfect picture book. It is guaranteed to make younger and older readers smile. Catherine Rayner hits the right spot in her storytelling for youngsters- warm, approachable, meaningful and funny. Her works are dearly loved and highly recommended by Bookwagon.


Solomon Crocodile

Catherine Rayner

(Pan Macmillan)

Making mischief is no fun on your own, and neither is being told off by grumpy neighbours! What is ‘Solomon Crocodile‘ to do? And who is creating that kerfuffle?- for once, it’s not him! There are friendships and fun to be enjoyed in this beautiful picture book by award-winner, Catherine Rayner.


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