Some Dinosaurs Are Small


Some Dinosaurs are Small with small feet and a basket full of food. However some dinosaurs are big and looking for something to eat! Maybe their ‘huge pointy teeth and sharp claws’ will prove a problem for the small dinosaur! Is it possible that a small creature could make it safely, food in basket, across the forest? After all, the big dinosaurs can ‘run like the wind’! It seems after they’ve taken ‘food from small dinosaurs‘ that ‘they go looking for more!

Where is the small dinosaur headed? He seems engulfed, overwhelmed and yet….

With comical, hopeful, entrancing illustrations, and lyrical, repeating text, Charlotte Voake lures readers across the forest with small dinosaur. We hold our breaths, cross our small rounded feet and hope that….

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Some Dinosaurs Are Small

Charlotte Voake

(Walker Books)- hardback

While Some Dinosaurs Are Small, others are big, with ‘huge, pointy teeth and sharp claws.’ It seems that they put these to good use when they’re searching for food. Thereafter, when they spy food, they can ‘run like the wind.’ Yet, what happens if they finish their food and then think about taking a little more? Where might they look? Surely their attention would not turn to a small dinosaur? It seems the predicament of being a small specimen is examined and highlighted here in this tongue- in-cheek picture book. It feels as though we become involved in the situation, so that we realise the possibility and peril.
Esteemed picture book maker Charlotte Voake Charlotte Voake turns her attention to the world of dinosaur logistics, rather like The Really, Really, Really Big Dinosaur. Thereafter, we track the small dinosaur, basket overflowing, as it travels through the forest, tracked by imposing big dinosaurs. Will the small dinosaur’s food store be safe? Will it be safe? Could there be a twist in the big (dinosaur) tail/ tale!
Bookwagon loves the dramatic, expressive, black framed images and the clever repeating text. Some Dinosaurs Are Small is a treat to read and share!


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