Somebody Swallowed Stanley


Stanley sweeps into the sea ‘with a splish and a splash’. The jellyfish wonder if he might be one of them, but he is straight and has fewer tentacles. Without much further chance to investigate, a mouth as ‘wide as a cave’ appears and something TERRIBLE happens, for…. ‘Somebody Swallowed Stanley.’

Who has swallowed Stanley? Why is it is TERRIBLE? What happens next? What is Stanley’s journey? The creature with the tongue of barnacles?

Sarah Roberts and Hannah Peck have created an environmentally aware, rhyming picture book. ‘Somebody Swallowed Stanley‘ does not beat a message stick or jump upon the relevant moment brigand in this story.

Through gifting Stanley a personality and creating a journey he may very well take, readers understand the significance of  choice and responsibility. ‘Somebody Swallowed Stanley’ is an inclusive story. We are part of the ocean community, perplexed and interested in Stanley. The descriptive language,  constancy of Stanley despite his travels, and hopeful conclusion, offer inspiring content and consideration.


Somebody Swallowed Stanley

Sarah Roberts, illustrated by Hannah Peck


Stanley slips into the ocean with a ‘splash and a splash’. He floats like a jellyfish. Is he one of them? He’s rather too straight and has too few tentacles. Before there’s a chance to investigate, ‘Somebody Swallowed Stanley’. Who is Stanley? Where has he gone? Who has swallowed him? Why is this so TERRIBLE…


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