Someone Just Like You


Could there be Someone Just Like You out there? With the same curiosity? The same things that make them happy? The same things that scare them? They may not speak your language or look like you, but it wouldn’t really matter? You’d feel wanted, appreciated, cared about. Wouldn’t it be so good?

In turn, what about other people? People who you might see ‘feeling sad‘. Maybe they’d left their friends behind. Would you show kindness, let them know that you’re there for them ‘when they needed someone kind’? Would you share things with them? Find things for them? Listen to their story and ‘tell them yours, as well’?

Bookwagon is filled with hope and joy and inspiration from reading Someone Just Like You. We hope others will read this book to themselves, and then aloud, especially in assemblies, that generations might realise how to build happiness, friendship and community. What a special and necessary picture book.

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Someone Just Like You

Helen Doherty, illustrated by David Roberts

(Simon & Schuster)

Somewhere in this world, there is Someone Just Like You. It seems this person ‘finds the same things funny,/ and- laughs the way you do’. Thereafter, they might speak a different language or have a different name, and while they might ‘look different’, they share your feelings. Then again, what about things that make you angry? Or curious? What about things that might ‘make you sad‘, or even, happy or scared?
Helen Doherty offers such an empathetic consideration in Someone Just Like you, illustrated by David Roberts. Then again, this picture book empowers by its contemplations,. It reminds us that none of us is an island. In fact, there might be A Better Best Friend, someone to explore with, who recognises and appreciates your specialness.
Then again, what about how we interact in turn? Thereafter, wouldn’t we offer shelter to ‘people who’d ‘had to leave their home because they didn’t want to fight’? Wouldn’t we want to share things we had? Mightn’t there be stories to share and conversations to have about ‘things you love: a book, a favourite smell’ perhaps?
Bookwagon loves the purpose, manner and kindness demonstrated and shared. We recommend this picture book highly for sharing in assemblies, and then knowing well and referencing too.


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