Something Fishy


Something’s up. It’s ‘Something Fishy‘. The cat can’t figure it out. His family is at it ever was. They know he needs fish. They know how much he loves his family. Yet they show him baby clothes and have decorated his room. There’s a basket especially for him inside the room which is quite agreeable. The cat’s family go out… maybe they’re fishing for something particularly delicious for him, he considers.

They are after something ‘delicious’ in a way, but maybe not exactly what the cat has in mind. How will the cat cope? Will there be fish for tea after all?

Acclaimed picture book maker Polly Dunbar has retold her own family experience through that of her cat. How has it all worked out? What an appealing, relevant and warm picture book, sure to delight a wealth of young readers and their (fishy) families!


Something Fishy

Polly Dunbar

(Two Hoots)

All the cat wants is fish. Delish fish. Yet, ‘Something Fishy’ is going on. His family is decorating the cat’s room. There’s a new basket. They’re showing small clothes. Fish? Not a sign. Maybe they’re heading out to fish for the most delicious fish of all. That’s what they’ll bring back, isn’t it?


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