Something, Someday


You might feel that ‘you’re all alone’. Then again, you might feel ‘scared. And confused. [and] angry.’ It might seem as though there’s no hope. However, maybe you ‘keep hoping anyway‘.

Could it be that these shoots of hope might grow? That although you’re told that this situation ‘cannot be fixed‘ that ‘you know that you can help‘? That ‘the tiniest things/ Make a huge difference’?

Might it be that there’s a friend there who might help? That what you worked to help fix, despite the obstacles and although it’s tiny, that ‘something small- changed’? Thereafter ‘Something that worked./ Something that makes you feel/ Hopeful, happy, and loved.’?

Bookwagon recommends Something, Someday for sharing closely. Amanda Gorman and Christian Robinson offer an informed, encouraging, aware and direct poetry picture book that merits knowing well and holding close. This is a beautiful book that nurtures and inspires hope.

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Something, Someday

Amanda Gorman and Christian Robinson

(Penguin Random House)

Is there a problem? Can it be fixed? Is it really ‘too big for you‘ or is it true that ‘the tiniest things/ Make a huge difference‘? Then again, how do you know that it won’t work if you ‘don’t try‘. Can it be that people have ‘waited/ Too long’? Is it all really hopeless, or might it be worth trying?
It seems that while you’re supposed to feel ‘very, very sad’ that ‘You’re scared./ And confused./ You’re angry’. Then again, might there be sprigs of hope? Amanda Gorman swept to international attention during the 2020 US Presidential Inauguration. Subsequently, her writing has reflected a mood, a feeling. Therefore, Something, Someday speaks to the heart.
Thereafter, while we might feel alone, we’re encouraged that we will ‘find a friend,/ Someone who will hope with you‘. Then again, we can ‘fix this problem together‘.
Christian Robinson whom we know from such classic picture books as Last Stop on Market Street, offers crisp white frames with cut out pictures, direct, black edged and purposeful.
Bookwagon suggests that Something, Someday is an inspiring book to share and know well, to gift and recite, to hold in our hearts.


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