Sona Sharma Looking After Planet Earth

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Miss Rao sets a challenge for her class to arrive at a plan for their families as to changes they can make to look after Planet Earth. Sona, Joy and Renu are charged by the urgency of the problem, and then the prospect of receiving gold stars.

However, Sona’s first efforts that include turning off the electricity and hiding Minmini’s nappies, cause uproar. Is there a way that Sona’s family can work together to make a difference?

Then again, what of the annual kolam festival? Thatha has been practising for weeks, while it seems that the President, Sona’s other grandmother), has amassed a huge array of decorative materials. Is there a way that Sona might encourage competitors to revisit their processes here that they’re environmentally friendly?

It’s a delight to visit with Sona Sharma’s family and friends, realise her issues and relationships, alongside indulging in her setting and traditions too. Bookwagon loves these tender, respectful stories.

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Sona Sharma Looking After Planet Earth

Chitra Soundar, illustrated by Jen Khatun


Sona Sharma Looking After Planet Earth is a huge declaration. However, it seems that from the moment talks about how we must all make a difference, Sona’s charged with ambition. It means that she seeks areas where her home and family might improve. Therefore, she turns off the electricity and hides Minmini’s bag of nappies. However might her family be responsive to changing their ways so that they are more eco friendly that are not quite so dramatic? Thereafter, can Sona’s efforts continue to the President, her other, rather rigid grandmother?
After Sona Sharma Very Best Big Sister, it is a pleasure to return to Sona’s people and home. Therefore, we feel as we’re chatting with Joy and Renu in Mullai’s auto rickshaw. Furthermore, we listen in to her conversations with Elephant, and Minmini. Finally, we recognise Sona’s determination to make a difference, realising that our planet needs each person to play his or her part. Yet can this extend to the annual kolam competition? After all, wouldn’t it be best to avoid all the ‘chemicals, plastic decorations and glitter‘ that have been included in recent years?  Might there be another way?
 Chitra Soundar has created such a thoughtful, endearing character and setting. We realise Sona’s enthusiasms, anxieties, relationships and life so clearly. It makes us know and like her and care about her comings and goings. Sona Sharma Looking After Planet Earth is a thoroughly satisfying story that we recommend to our readers.

1 review for Sona Sharma Looking After Planet Earth

  1. Paula Hale

    A wonderful book about looking after a planet and how we can all get involved. One for the classroom.

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