Song for a Whale


Iris is inspired by the story of Blue 55. This young hybrid whale is isolated by his song sung at a different frequency from others of his kind. Somehow his story and isolation, marry with Iris’s feelings . Her parents insist she attends mainstreamed education where her only friend is her sign language interpreter. Meanwhile in her real life, Iris’s father struggles to communicate with her, while her best friend attends a school for the deaf where the signing is so slick, so communicative that Iris feels lost.

Iris’s grandmother is lost too. Without Iris’s grandfather, she has no purpose. She has lost her spark. She was the woman who named Iris after the whale found on the beach the day that Iris was born. Like Iris, like Iris’s grandfather, she is deaf. What is Iris’s grandmother to do now?

Iris’s technical skills are superior, while her determination to reach out to Blue 55 cannot be diminished. ‘Song for a Whale’ is an inspiring tale of making connections, finding a purpose and moving forward. Bookwagon loves this book and recommends it highly.


Song for a Whale

Lynne Kelly


Iris can see the possibilities in any abandoned gadget. Mr Gunnar’s radio workshop is a treasure trove of wonder. What might Iris use when she learns about Blue 55? He’s a lone whale, seemingly isolated from other humpback pods. His song plays at a different frequency. Could Blue 55 need company and friendship like Iris? She’s lonely; her deafness is isolating. Can seeking to help Blue 55 help Iris and maybe her grandmother?


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