Sophie Johnson Detective Genius


Sophie Johnson Detective Genius’ is unimpressed by Bella, her assistant. She wants to play games. She barks. Worst of all, she does not possess Sophie Johnson’s detective flair. Sophie has worked hard to be a detective. She’s read and searched for clues. What can Bella bring to the party when there is a Very Important Case?

Morag Hood’s picture books are always imaginative, wry and layered with wit and meaning. ‘Sophie Johnson Detective Genius’, is a very satisfying sequel to Sophie Johnson Unicorn Expert. Once again, our heroine claims skills about which we are suspicious. Once again, she misses what is ‘right under her nose.’ There are so many laughs, so much to spot and enjoy. Ella Okstad’s pictures are rich with the story. We are delighted to recommend ‘Sophie Johnson Detective Genius’– what a tail/ tale!


Sophie Johnson Detective Genius

Morag Hood & Ella Okstad

(Simon & Schuster)

Sophie Johnson Detective Genius‘ solves crimes and battles baddies.  She studies, reads and looks carefully. Her assistant, Bella is unimpressive. What can Bella do to help out on a Very Important Case? Why does she insist on showing Sophie Johnson irrelevant clues? Can’t she see Sophie Johnson is on the case? Games and shouting don’t cut it? Isn’t it true that Bella ‘wouldn’t notice if a crime happened right under her nose’? It’s the return of the wonder who is Sophie Johnson Unicorn Expert We know from that picture book experience that there is no fact or possibility that escapes our intrepid heroine. Or is there….


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