Sophie Johnson Unicorn Expert


‘Sophie Johnson Unicorn Expert‘ lives with seventeen unicorns. She has a lot to teach them- from balloons, to magic, to hunting for food. It’s hard work with a lot to do. There are tricky moments- from mess to the loss of horns. Thankfully, ‘Sophie Johnson Unicorn Expert’ is on hand. She knows what to do.

What a tongue-in-cheek, warm and happy picture book. We love the hidden picture clues, the inference offered in the experience of the seventeen ‘unicorns’.The direct, witty text and swilling, glittery images are perfect. ‘Sophie Johnson Unicorn Expert‘ is certain to become a favourite story to share and keep.


Sophie Johnson Unicorn Expert

Morag Hood and Ella Okstad

(Simon and Schuster)

Welcome to ‘Sophie Johnson Unicorn Expert’ thoroughly necessary, in tune with her subject, prepared for all events. This is a delightful, wide-eyed, tongue-in-cheek picture book to treasure.


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