Space Blasters: Suzie and the Comet of Chaos


Suzie Wen is fascinated by the comet she sees streaking by the window. It seems to be unlike any she’s ever seen before, quite magnificent and seemingly aiming for TUBS (The Universe’s Best Spaceship). What’s more, Five- Eyed Frank is certain that he could hear it crying, while it seemed to have a face? Then again, Spaceman Jack feels as though they travelling in an area they’ve visited before, though their trajectory insists it’s somewhere new. What is going on?

Suzie and the TUBS’ Space Blasters’ crew are answering a distress signal. However, when they arrive at their destination, they meet complete chaos. They’ve pingoos behaving as they’ve never behaved before, and invading snowgro- bears. What is happening? Could it be something to do with this comet? We know this is a fast-thinking crew, and with Suzie on board, they’ve  top gadget creating skills. It seems they’re going to need all their resources to sort this out. What’s more, this might be the time that a long held secret is revealed…

Bookwagon welcomes Space Blasters: Suzie and the Comet of Chaos aboard. This is the third title in a much loved trilogy, a spin-off from the fabulous Sam Wu series.

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Space Blasters: Suzie and the Comet of Chaos

Katie & Kevin Tsang, illustrated by Amy Nguyen


It seems that Suzie’s found a place with the Space Blasters’ crew so that each of them realises what she might bring to their missions. However they’ve their work cut out on this occasion! What is the substance breaking through the universe and causing such destruction. The crew’s aware of a random comet’s path as they investigate. What’s more, this comet’s mesmerising, a flare of beautiful colours. Could it be something to do with this random arch?
What’s more, it seems that things come to a head with Five- Eyed Frank. Initially he was skeptical about Suzie’s place aboard TUBS (The Universe’s Best Spaceship). Meanwhile, Suzie’s aware that Frank’s holding secrets. Who is he? Where does he come from? Suzie and the Comet of Chaos is the third title in this infinitely wonderful series from Katie and Kevin Tsang, which branched off from their brilliant Sam Wu series.
Alongside a pacy, fascinating story, we’ve Amy Nguyen’s wonderful illustrations, and then mini information snippets too. Altogether it adds up to this series, and this title, Suzie and the Comet of Chaos, being a most engaging read!


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