Space Blasters: Suzie and the Moon Bugs


It seems that Suzie Wen has her work cut out to be accepted as a true member of the Space Blasters’ crew, despite her first adventure aboard TUBS. Now the crew is facing another dilemma when it seems they must abandon ship- TUBS- on a mysterious planet. Suzie’s convinced she can hear giggling int TUBS’ walls. What is going on?

Once they’re off ship, the crew must establish their whereabouts. There isn’t much time before they’re separated and then faced with multitudes of themselves. Replicators? How is it possible to get rid of them? Then again, what has really happened to TUBS and why is Spaceman Jack looking quite so guilty?

Along the way of this adventure, Suzie must face up to doubt and fears. However, she’s quick to listen and make decisions. What’s more, she’s able to realise skills in others that they didn’t know they have, for example rocket fuelled fingers and toes for Five Eyed Frank?

Bookwagon loves Space Blasters, a natural spin-off to Katie and Kevin Tsang’s wildly funny Sam Wu series. We’re delighted to welcome Space Blasters: Suzie and the Moon Bugs aboard.

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Space Blasters: Suzie and the Moon Bugs

Katie & Kevin Tsang, illustrated by Amy Nguyen


‘For the universe!‘ as Sam Wu would cry! After all, doesn’t Captain Jane and the TUBS’ crew inspire this series hero from Katie and Kevin Tsang? It’s a cry that’s inspiring Suzie’s journey to remove the invaders from TUBS. Yet why is the spaceship overrun? Could it be something to do with an ill-tempered game of shoo-bop played between Spaceman Jack and the Bugs’ Queen? Then again, might Spaceman Jack’s lie lead to a royal bug determination to overwhelm TUBS so they’re forced to crash-land on Planet Zorg?
While Suzie’s still trying to prove herself to the other members of the Blasters’ crew, she’s also learning about their skills. What’s more, it seems that when she and Five- Eyed Frank venture underground to the Knowledge Worms, there’s something Frank can do that might mean a rocket speedy exit. Then again, what about Suzie’s determination and human abilities? Can she think carefully before acting? Might her courage prove her strength?
Bookwagon is delighted to welcome a second, yet stand alone, adventure from the series spin-off from Sam Wu. Space Blasters: Suzie and the Moon Bugs is a joyous, intrepid delight.


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