Space Blasters: Suzie Saves the Universe


Suzie Wen just loves to invent gizmos, but they are not always successful.  Sometimes they can get her into trouble.  None of her previous inventions however have caused her as much trouble as her Super 3D TV Gizmo – for this is how she ends up in the middle of her favourite TV show ‘Space Blasters’.  All her cherished characters are there: Captain Jane and Spaceman Jack, although she is not so keen on Five Eyed Frank, a somewhat irascible alien.

Soon Suzie is headlong thrown into the latest Space Blasters‘ adventure, involving alien bunnies and octopuses, missing moons and planets thrown out of orbit.  Eerily, the incidents reminds Suzie of all her recent dreams, but is her adventure real, or in her imagination? Then again, can’t we imagine how much Sam Wu would love to be in this adventure series? After all, didn’t all his best advice come from the TUBS (The Universe’s Best Spaceship)’s Captain Jane?

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Space Blasters: Suzie Saves the Universe

Suzie Saves the Universe

Katie and Kevin Tsang, illustrated by Amy Nguyen


Space Blasters: Suzie Saves the Universe is the first of an exciting new series from the creators of the Sam Wu books, Katie and Kevin Tsang.
Suzie Wen just loves gadgets and inventing things.  Unfortunately not all of her inventions turn out how she expects them to, although this doesn’t weaken her determination.  But even Suzie is shocked when, after inventing a Super 3DTV Gizmo, she ends up getting transported into her favourite TV show – Space Blasters!
She ends up on board the space ship with Captain Jane, Spaceman Jack and alien (with a serious attitude) Five-Eyed Frank.  Soon she is soon exploring new planets and helping the crew solve their frequent crises.  First they end up on the very smelly Planet Cheddar, where they meet a race of alien rabbits.  Things get very serious however when moons start disappearing and it’s up to Suzie to save the universe!  Luckily for Suzie, her inventing skills are put to good use.  Will Suzie ever get home and can she save the universe before teatime?
This is a funny and very accessible, highly illustrated first book in what promises to be an inventive and likeable series.  Katie and Kevin Tsang’s previous journey into space theme was with Sam Wu is NOT Afraid of Space.  This is also available in the Bookwagon on-line bookstore.


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