Space Detectives


Ethan and Connor might be working in an ice cream stall when they try to apprehend Edwina Snoddy’s bag snatching tufted grotsnobbler. Yet the pair are really Space Detectives, keen to use the skills they’ve practised on Earth in Starville, where they’re holidaying with Ethan’s Uncle Nick.

Therefore, they’ve learned all they could about the station and how it operates. They know that tufted grotsnobblers are not to be trusted, and are prepared to capture it. However, the creature’s pursuit leads to the boys being invited to a prestigious event at Edwina’s home. It seems that Edwina is the daughter of Starville’s Supreme Governor.

However, while at the mansion, it becomes apparent that something is going wrong with Starville. It seems the station is being pushed out of orbit, losing its place in space. What might the boys do? Who is doing this tot he space station and how might they stop it?

Space Detectives is a clever, fully engaging chapter book. Its confidently crafted story, wry humour and keen illustrations offer an ideal choice for less experienced or confident chapter book readers.

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Space Detectives

Mark Powers, illustrated by Dapo Adeola


Ethan and Connor are working at an ice-cream stall near the Starville business district when they try to apprehend a bag thief. Although their pursuit of the Tufted Grotsnobbler is wild and dangerous, they continue, winning the approval of the bag’s owner. The fact she is the daughter of the Supreme Governor is unknown to them, until they receive an invitation to an event at her mansion. However, while in attendance, they become aware that Starville is in danger. It seems their giant space station home has been pushed off into space. What might these Space Detectives do to rectify the problem?
Ethan and Connor are a zealous duo. They seem to have rather more about them than Ninja Kid though rather like that character and his cousin, there is a double cross at play. Is it possible that the boys might work it out before they are lost in space?
Mark Powers offers a really clever, fast-paced and imaginative story. Furthermore, his clues and layers are careful and confident. It seems that we are led to think about Edwina Snoddy’s home and family, for example, without being told. He makes us work and connects us!
We are delighted, further, to enjoy the illustrations of Dapo Adeola from Clean Up! and Look Up! too. His pictures are so descriptive, creating an extra depth to our understanding and interpretation.
Space Detectives is a thoroughly enjoyable adventure story that we recommend to chapter book readers with growing confidence.



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