Space Dog

‘Space Dog‘ has been working in the Dairy Quadrant for ages. It’s time to make the long trip Home. What happens when there’s a laser display call from an Astrocat? His saucer is crashed into thick cream and sinking fast! Astrocats and Space Dogs are sworn enemies! Will ‘Space Dog‘ come to the rescue?

There’s a further dilemma when ‘Space Dog’ receives a laser display call alerting him to a Moustronaut being slowly skewered over a fondu fork. There’s a cheesy planet collapse!

So many decisions! So much action! What a wealthy story with so many anecdotes, asides and tongue- in-dairy-cheek puns! Mini Grey’s skills and rich imagination are cream on the top of a picture book wonder. Bookwagon LOVES ‘Space Dog’!


Space Dog

In Space No one Can Hear You Bark

Mini Grey

(Red Fox)

‘Space Dog’ is weary. He’s been on a long mission in the Dairy Quadrant. For as long as anyone can remember, dogs like Space Dogs, like our hero, have been enemies with Astrocats and Moustronauts. What happens when our hero is the only creature who can come to the aid of an Astrocat or a Moustronaut? Cat fights? Star wars? Mouse-tyrics? Or a game of Dogopoly? ‘Space Dog’ is a fulfilling, black reading hole fulfilling, original and wonderful picture book experience!


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