Space Explorers


Did you know about the problems experienced by NASA in the late 1960’s before the celebrated 1969 moon landings? Few people remember the Apollo 1 fire that ‘claimed the lives’ of three astronauts. Furthermore Neil Armstrong’s calm head was responsible for saving a terrifying situation aboard the Gemini spacecraft, when it began spinning through space! These stories are just two of twenty-five fascinating, fully examined stories within Space Explorers.

While we begin with Yuri Gargarin and the Soviet expansion into space post World War 2, we continue through the space race of the 1960’s to the work of the International Space Station. Along the way we take in the tales of people behind the scenes, from Katherine Johnson and the ‘human computers’, spy networks, to scientists who problem solved and planned.

Space Explorers is a mighty book in every way. The information is dense and engaging, while the authentic pictures add to the quality of storytelling perfectly. This is more than a book for the space enthusiast, but recommended for readers who enjoy history, biography, science or geography. Bookwagon is thrilled by this superbly satisfying book!

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Space Explorers

25 Extraordinary Stories of Space Exploration and Adventure

Libby Jackson and Léonard DuPond

(Wren & Rook)

Space Explorers offers twenty five real life stories of spaces in chronological order. Therefore, we begin in 1957 with the Soviet Union’s Sputnik. It ‘flew around the world in just 96 seconds‘. Little did anyone realise that Wernher von Braun’s misplaced plans, left in Berlin at the end of World War 2 were part of the Sputnik design! How might Wernher realise his ambition to launch an American rocket into space successfully?
The human stories continue, from the first manned flight in 1961 to the ‘human computers‘ whose unseen work with the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics is now the stuff of film and literature! We read anew the story of Apollo 13 as told in Survival in Space. Furthermore, we read of the application process and space experiences of British astronomer Helen Sharman.
Space Explorers travels through extraordinary territory, so that we read about the problems of space food and clothing. Thereafter we hold our breaths through near death emergencies, including the Mir crash of 1990.
Space Explorers is an exceptional, informative and engaging book. The stories, history, efforts, near-misses and discoveries held this reader enthralled. Bookwagon recommends this title hugely to our readers.


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