Space Oddity

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Jake’s Dad has always been a little different and inclined to behave embarrassingly. Furthermore he can’t hold down a job because of his behaviour. Yet when he turns up unexpectedly at Jamie’s school gymnastic performance, he pushes Jake to his limits.

Is it possible that a parent- child bonding weekend might rebuild their relationship? Or could what Jake’s Dad shares with him be so off the planet that Jake cannot believe it? Furthermore, might his revelation unlock the only protection he’s had since he first met Jake’s Mum accidentally, twelve years earlier?

How can Jake protect his father and thereafter himself? Thereafter, how big is this out of this world story? What is the Space Oddity that Jake’s Dad has to share with him?

Christopher Edge’s latest book is ideal for readers of all ages, especially for those with less middle grade experience, and those seeking something more gripping, wide-eyed and wonderful from early chapter books. Bookwagon is exultant at Space Oddity, a sock-cheering, starry, wonder journey of a reading adventure!

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Space Oddity

Christopher Edge, with illustrations by Ben Mantle

(Chicken House)

Space Oddity is the favourite song of Jake’s father. His father has ideas of being a musician, yet his singing voice is rather embarrassing. Mind you, Jake’s father is embarrassing altogether. If it’s not the fact that he cannot hold down a job, it’s the appearances he’s made at school. Once he even turned green through some allergy!
However when Jake’s Dad makes a truly embarrassing and unexpected appearance at Jake’s gym show, he is keen to make amends. Could it be that a spell away at a parent bonding camp could do the job? Or might there be another reason that Jake’s Dad seeks time alone with him, maybe to tell him something truly mind bending? What if he’s not from Wales? Furthermore what if his two hearts do beat as one? Could it be that Jake’s Dad might reveal something about the universe beyond Earth, about which he has real, secret, experience? Thereafter, might his revelation put them both in danger?
Christopher Edge returns to space after The Jamie Drake Equation. Space Oddity retains this writer’s convincing pace and research and ability to engage us. We believe Jake’s experience and cheer him and his Dad on from the sidelines. Christopher Edge creates possibiities for us; encourages us to think, wonder and exclaim!

1 review for Space Oddity

  1. Paula Hale

    Another Christopher Edge triumph!
    A perfect blend of humour, adventure and emotion! I loved this and I am already planning to use it with topics in school. It is very different to other Christopher Edge books, but equally as brilliant. This will be perfect for some of my class. I particularly loved all of the Star Wars references!

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