Space Pirate Bears


It seems that the best way to fix a boring day is for a Space Pirate Bears’ story! Thereafter, we travel to ‘the cold beyond the stars‘, where Princess Leona’s Star Defenders protect the galaxy. Not only is there Prince Pilot, but Captain Neigh, Space Horse, and then Cosmic Witch Bogwart. However, Doktor Drab is the biggest threat of all for he thinks the whole universe should be dull, just like him! It seems the only force who can fend off his ‘most terrible weapon, the BORON BEAM’, is Space Pirate Bears!

However what are their qualifications? Are they really unicorn doctors, as Abby states, or secret agents, as Jamie believes? It seems as the story builds, time cannot be wasted, for Doktor Drab is ‘crushing the universe‘! Maybe it will need all the Space Pirate Bears’ skills, from secret agent, to unicorn doctor, to flying ninja to fight off this foe! Then again, they’re determined that their laser beams will make sure that Doktor Drab’s dullness Boron Beam will be destroyed! It seems that there’s no dullness around this storytelling! After all, Jamie and Abby have lots of adventures to create with the Space Pirate Bears.

Bookwagon loves the imagination of Alastair Chisholm’s story, so bright and audible that we feel we’re part of its creation. Then again, Jez Tuya’s pictures pop with colour and action. It means that we recommend Space Pirate Bears highly as the ideal book to choose as a bedtime read.

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Space Pirate Bears

Alastair Chisholm and Jez Tuya

(Walker Books)

‘Yesss,’ hissed Doktor Drab./ ‘Soon the whole universe will be as dull as me!’ 
Can Princess Leona summon a ‘band of heroes to fight the forces of dullness’? It seems this is a case for the Space Pirate Bears! This crew are ‘the greatest in the galaxy’! Not only can they sing ‘cosmic shanties’ and ‘swing their laser swords‘, but it seems they can ‘fix baby unicorn horns’ as well as being ‘secret agents”! Or ca they?
Alastair Chisholm and Jez Tuya collaborated upon the magnificent picture book of storytelling, The Tale of the Valiant Ninja Frog. Once more, Dad’s tasked with winding a story, with Abby and Jamie’s help. It seems each of them has an overriding issue to include within this tale, from unicorn doctors, special agents to the ‘Boron beam’! What’s more, the last is particularly worrying, for Doktor Drab threatens to crush the universe! What will these superheroes do to destroy this dull foe? After all, darkness and dullness can never win in a bright and imaginative world!
Bookwagon can hear the story being read aloud, imagine the awe and wonder and laughter. Then again, the illustrations would be grabbed at, lingered over, exclaimed at. Altogether, it means that the Space Pirate Bears is an essential title to share at bedtime! Bookwagon loves and recommends this title to infinity… and beyond!



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