Space Tortoise


Space Tortoise‘ seeks other animals in the park, but he never finds them. Candles in the night sky suggest that this is where he should travel on his search for friends. ‘Space Tortoise’ heads off, over dunes and through oceans toward a great rocket.

We travel with ‘Space Tortoise‘ realising his journey, while marvelling at his faith and determination. This is such a beautiful and clever picture book on so many levels. The night sky lit pictures suggest the optimism of ‘Space Tortoise’ while the text is encouraging and glorious.

‘Space Tortoise‘ would be an ideal bedtime read, a book to snuggle into. This is a ‘forever’ book, one to read and love for years.

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Space Tortoise

Ross Montgomery and David Litchfield

(Faber & Faber)

‘Space Tortoise‘ seeks animal friends in the glowing in the night sky. Tortoise travels toward his goal, a giant rocket, with enterprise and determination. ‘Space Tortoise‘ is made for sharing and loving.


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