Splash’. Molly doesn’t know which way to turn. The certainties of her life, from great roast dinners, to the thrill of swimming, to not wearing lip gloss, are completely confused Suddenly her long-term best friend, Chloe, is telling Molly what is cool and what isn’t. Uncool includes swimming and the swimming group Molly enjoys. ‘Splash‘ is the Molly’s swimming shape, taunted by the boys that Chloe looks to impress. ‘Splash’ is the uproar that Molly’s mother creates through her unexpected return. What is Molly going to do? Who is right? How can she make her own voice heard and begin to be appreciated for who she is and what she can do?

‘Splash’ is a particularly empathetic and aware title. It resonates with experience and understanding of that pre-teen, early secondary time, when everyone else seems to know how to be and look.



Charli Howard

(Nosy Crow)

Swimming makes Molly feel wonderful. It’s a relief when everything around her seems at odds. Her best friend, Chloe calls the shots. She says swimming club is full of losers, but Molly loves the group. Suddenly, Molly’s mother returns to rock the family boat. It’s all a tumultuous ‘Splash’! 


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