Sports Are Fantastic Fun!


Sports are Fantastic Fun! It might be that you’re a deer, choosing to windsurf or surf. You’ll ‘need a good sense of balance’. Otherwise, you might be a mouse rushing to ballet. You’ll ‘have to be enormously fit and flexible’. We watch the practice of five basic positions.

Alternatively, you might be a pelican, mouse or elephant seeking to play basketball. After all Sports are Fantastic Fun! (Elephants have some advantage in basketball, it must be said.)

We watch giraffe pole vaulting, through the ‘three tries‘ available. There’s ‘the approach… the jump… HURRAH, WORLD RECORD!’

We journey through an Olympian marathon of sports, watching a host of animals practise, play and triumph.

Sports are Fantastic Fun! is an exceptional title, that we recommend for families and schools, to read, borrow, share, laugh over and love.

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Sports Are Fantastic Fun!

Ole Könnecke

Translated by Monika Smith

(Gecko Press)- hardback

Sports are Fantastic Fun! For starters there are so many different games and activities, beginning with ‘football- a.k.a soccer’. We learn how this game is played, with entertaining, anecdotal illustrations too! It seems that in football, ‘ a team scores a goal, everybody is happy’.
Thereafter, we learn about ‘figure skating‘ who we are ‘beautiful costumes and ice skates‘ with judges and ‘leaps and twirls‘.
Other sport described includes ‘cross-country skiing‘ and ‘ski jumping’ and ‘ice hockey’. However, there are sports beyond the ice and sports fields. It seems there is a wealth of sport involving horses too, from show jumping to horse racing, dressage and rodeo!
Ole Könnecke offers a wealth of information within this outstanding reference style book, alongside introducing such comedic illustrations as to make us laugh-out-loud. We are awed by the descriptiveness of his cast’s pursuits, from climbing to rugby, windsurfing to rope-walking. Furthermore, this is within a text that aligns to the depth of Sportopedia. All in all, Sports are Fantastic Fun is a formidable title, ideal as a gift, or a book to pick up, read and read again, share and love.


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