Sports Legends


Award-winning sports journalist Rick Broadbent has interviewed some of the greatest sporting legends of our time. Now, in this excellent collection of 50 profiles of sporting legends, he shares insights into what makes these achievers tick.  Here you will find exciting accounts of success, failure, injury and bravery in sport.  Broadbent wants to inspire young people to find the confidence and resilience they need to reach the top of their own game. This is an ideal book for any young sports fan who enjoys reading about their sporting heroes.  Included in the book are athletes such as Lionel Messi, Usain Bolt and Serena Williams, as well as lesser known achievers who have triumphed against adversity and realised their dreams.

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Sports Legends

50 Inspiring People to Help You Reach the Top of Your Game

Rick Broadbent, illustrated by James Davies

(Walker Books)

Author Rick Broadbent is an award-winning sports journalist.  He has travelled the world in his job and has been present at many of the most amazing sporting moments of recent years.  Broadbent sets out in this excellent collection of profiles to inspire young people to be their best.
By using examples from legendary people of sport from the past and present, we learn how to overcome adversity and setbacks.  Broadbent describes some of the techniques and practices that great sporting achievers have used to motivate themselves.  He talks about how to develop a ‘growth mindset’ and offers tips directly from the experiences of those who have been and remain inspirational heroes.
In this collection, readers will learn from the greats such as Usain Bolt, Lionel Messi, Serena Williams and Anthony Joshua.  Also featured are sports people who, though perhaps less well known, are equally inspirational.  They have set examples to young people all the world over, both in and out of their chosen sports.
Bookwagon has a number of books in its on-line store that will encourage young people in their sporting endeavours, such as Marcus Rashford’s You Are a Champion.
Read about many sporting legends of colour on the Black History Month web site.


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