Spring-Heeled Jack


Spring-Heeled Jack‘ appears from nowhere. Nobody knows who he is, or where he lives. His mission is to thwart the evil plans of villains on the streets of Victorian London.

Evil doers are out to capture Rose, Lily and little Ned, steal from them and hold them to ransom. The three children seek to escape the Alderman Cawn-Plaster Memorial Orphanage to seek their father’s ship. It has been eighteen months since he left for the Australian gold fields and they need to know his whereabouts. Yet the corrupt orphanage owners are desperate to keep the children imprisoned and are hot on their heels! Will ‘Spring-Heeled Jack‘ come to their aid?

There’s adventure, detective work, danger and deception at every turn! Quick, busy text is interspersed with David Mostyn’s action packed comic images. ‘Spring-Heeled Jack‘ is pulsating, exciting and seat-of-your-pants perilous! Bookwagon loves this superb title by master storyteller, Philip Pullman.

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Spring- Heeled Jack

Philip Pullman, illustrated by David Mostyn


‘Spring-Heeled Jack‘ is fearsome and fast! He appears from nowhere to thwart the evil plans of Victorian ne’er do-wells. What will he make of the plight of Rose, Lily and little Ned, as they  run away from the Alderman Cawn-Plaster Memorial Orphanage seeking their father, and safety?


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