What is Grandad up to? It seems he’d better take care because he’s being watched. It’s Spyceratops, the ‘super secret agent with all the skills to solve great mysteries‘. It’s certainly a mystery as to why Grandad would return with a box from the market. Then again, it could be a lovely surprise. Will that deter Spyceratops?

It seems he’s fully charge, with his hi-tech workshop and trust sidekick. Why he even has a ‘supercharged’ spy mobile…. doesn’t he? It means that when this spy undertakes a challenge, such as investigating Grandad’s secret base, he’s sure to unearth secrets, isn’t he?

Bookwagon loves this chatty, busy, hugely funny dinosaur adventure, with such an endearing and super skilled secret agent (or is he?) Alongside the wonderful text, full of laughs and asides, we’ve such animated illustrations that captivate and delight us. Bookwagon loves and recommends Spyceratops, hugely!

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Alex Willmore


Do you want to be ‘a super secret agent with all the skills to solve great mysteries‘? It seems that you’re in luck because Spyceratops is ‘the greatest spy in all of history’! It means that when he rides off on his supercharged spy mobile, he’s fully prepared. it seems he has a ‘hi-tech spy facility‘ and then ‘a loyal and highly trained sidekick’. What’s more, this super agent has someone in his sights…. Grandad.
What is Grandad up to? It might seem that he’s in the market, blending in, but then the box he returns with is highly suspicious! It means that Grandad’s secret base needs to be broken into stealthily! What is he hiding? Could Grandad be ‘planning to destroy the world‘? It’s certain that when this spy begins to investigate Grandad’s base, he’ll find what’s going on for real. Who stands a chance against this sleuth?
Alex Willmore offers a hoot of a story. It’s one that Bookwagon can ‘hear’ being read aloud, and then revisited for clues and new discoveries. Like this writer/ illustrator’s I Did See A Mammoth!, Spyceratops is one that both booksellers will jostle to share at our pop up school bookstores!


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