‘Square’ moves blocks from one pile to another. Day in, day out, he takes a block from deep underground and pushes it up through the cave to the top of the hill. When Circle admires his sculpture, ‘Square‘ is staggered. He didn’t know he was a creative genius! Circle wants a wonderful sculpture too, and she is returning the next day. ‘Square‘ has no idea what to do!

Mac Barnett and Jon Klassen are two of the most inventive, broad thinking picture book makers. Their works amuse, intrigue and inform. ‘Square‘ is a delight, recommended to readers and thinkers of all ages. It is a part of a superb trilogy including Triangle and Circle.

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Mac Barnett and Jon Klassen

(Walker Books)

‘Square‘ takes a block from the pile below the ground out of the cave to the pile at the top of the hill. ‘That’s his work’. Life is ‘Square’, until Circle admires his work. ‘Square‘ is upside down! Enjoy the trilogy of complex, subtle picture book storytelling through Triangle to Circle.


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