Star By Star


Star by Star‘ is an absorbing story of suffragettes and heroines, courage and survival. It travels from the Great War war, the Spanish influenza epidemic, to women’s suffrage!  Stella, whose suffragette mother has recently fallen to the Spanish influenza epidemic, is inspired by her heroism. She is determined to inspire change in everyone about her. Yet Stella is impatient. She must learn that history is made by one person at a time, and one vote, too.

Star by Star’ is a truly engrossing story and, like Stella and her suffragette heroes, throroughly inspiring. We recommend this title to older readers, aged from 12 years.


Star By Star

Sheena Wilkinson

(Little Island)

Towards the end of WWI, Stella returns to Northern Island following the death of her suffragette mother from ‘Spanish’ influenza. Stella is inspired by her mother and her suffragette heroines to change the world, but is impatient. She has to learn that history is made person by person, and vote by vote.

Star by Star‘ is an engrossing story that packs a punch. It packs a lot in too- from women’s suffrage, Irish independence, the spectre of illness, to the impact of the Great War. It is an excellent read, full of very well drawn characters. We recommend this great book to readers aged from 12 years.


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