Star Cat


In the deepest depths of space, there is only one crew brave enough to take on the universe’s most dangerous villains.  Unfortunately, they weren’t available for this book, so you’ll have to make do with the crew of the…STAR CAT! Join Captain Spaceington and his team as they blunder across the universe, stumbling onto strange planets, sticking their noses into spatial anomalies, and poking funny-looking aliens with sticks.

This is a hilarious and VERY silly graphic novel featuring the comic strip adventures of the crew of the spaceship Star Cat.  In between facing off against the super-villain Dark Rectangle and his (inept) polygon sidekicks, the crew of the Star Cat face mishap and disaster as a result of their own incompetence.

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Star Cat

Space Has Never Been This Silly

James Turner and Yasmin Sheikh

(David Fickling Books/The Phoenix Comic Presents)

It’s a space adventure, Jim, but not as we know it! Climb aboard the Star Cat, half-spaceship, half-cat, as it travels the infinite void of space. The crew, led by the enthusiastic, but hapless, Captain Spaceington, are ready for anything!  Unfortunately, their incompetence means they are unlikely to be able to do much about it!  Among the malfunctioning crew you will Science Officer PLIXX, Pilot and Robot One.
Their mission (should they ever be able to achieve it) is to patrol the galaxy, but fuelled by ice-cream.  Their arch-enemy and all- round rotten villain is four-cornered fiend Dark Rectangle and his polygon sidekicks.  Fortunately for the Star Cat crew, Dark Rectangle is just as stupid and hapless as they are.
This excellent collection brings together six brilliant stories and each one is guaranteed to have you laughing.  You may also be on the edge of your seat the next minute. Space adventures rarely get more comic than this, and comic strip adventures don’t come better than Star Cat.
James Turner’s web site is a must-visit for heaps of resources and wacky illustrations.


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