Star In The Jar


Little brother makes discoveries constantly, ‘tickly treasure, glittery treasure, litter-bin treasure.’ When he discovers something ‘extra special’ that doesn’t seem to belong to anyone else, he puts it ‘in a jar and carries it everywhere.’ Yet the extra special treasure does belong to someone else and somewhere else. Somehow it must be returned to that special place.

This is an exceptionally beautiful, touching and wonderful picture book. We love it. We recommend ‘Star in a Jar‘ for bedtime reading, to be treasured and ‘carried everywhere.’


Star In The Jar

Sam Hay, illustrated by Sarah Massini


Little brother discovers tickly treasure, glittery treasure, even litter- bin treasure. The impact of discovering something exception that no-one wants, reaches to the moon and stars.  ‘Star in the Jar‘ is a glorious picture book. It is destined to be a well loved ‘forever’ story choice.  


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