‘Once upon a time there was NOTHING….. But then…BANG! Twinkle, twinkle, the first star was born. Then another and another and another until….’

Sometimes it’s hard to find your place, especially when you have an older sister who is ‘a star’. From competitions, to new skills and discoveries, it seems that starry sister succeeds and defines your darkness. However, Grandad is here to put these perceptions right, with the truth about stars and ‘Stardust’, and every individual’s place in the world.

Golly this book is wonderful. It is essential for any family with two daughters, for any sisters, for groups of girls… Jeanne Willis has pulled something special out of the bag in her wonderful creation, so gloriously realised through Briony May Smith’s pictures. Bookwagon loves ‘Stardust’ and is convinced that all our readers will love it too.



Jeanne Willis, illustrated by Briony May Smith

(Nosy Crow)

It’s not easy being the younger sister of a star, somebody who looks right, makes the right choices and does everything right. What can Grandad do to make it all better?  ‘Stardust’ is the answer. Read and share!


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