It’s one thing to have never seen the outside world, but it’s quite another to learn there’s a world beyond that, a world about which ordinary humans have no inkling.

When Mrs Wairi breaks down the shed door to remove Astrid for London Overground, she’s in turmoil. After all, Astrid’s never left Mama before, but then Mama has never let her out of the shed. What’s more, this place is above the clouds, a place of flights and dreams, education and possibilities. Could this be why Astrid was shut away? That she is a Lyrae, destined to grow wings?

Then again, what of this place? It seems resolute in its traditions and society. However within it are conventions that demand defying. What’s more it seems there’s a deadly secret about which Astrid feels inclined to pick, research, unlock. It includes the disappearance of children and then a desperate adult who’ll stop at nothing to change the course of nature. It means that Astrid and her friends could be in the worst kind of danger…

Bookwagon is enthralled by Starminster. What an exceptional novel, one we love and recommend hugely to our readers.

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Megan Hopkins


The stories that Astrid’s mother told her of the Perseids meteor shower inspire her to want to leave the shed. For reasons about which she’s uncertain, Astrid’s only known this place. Although she’s been educated and fed well, it seems that Mama has denied her a life outside. Therefore, what might happen should Astrid retain a spoon and begin digging beneath the rhubarb?
Then again, could Astrid’s efforts summon the arrival of Mrs Wairi who breaks down the door and takes her to London Overhead? Thereafter might this place be a gateway to all that Astrid somehow felt about herself? So why was she hidden? Then again, might there be secrets within this secret world that are dangerous? In fact, secrets that Astrid discovers that put her life at risk?
It seems that there’s research into beings like her, Lyrae, but then again, there’s research that might be a step too far. Missing children? A deadline of danger?
Bookwagon is awed by Starminster. It is an exceptional novel. Like the best fantasy novels, including Movies Showing Nowhere, for example, there is huge imagination, depth and insight within this novel. Then again, the possibilities will have every reader looking at St Paul’s Cathedral and/ or the Shard, differently herein. Bookwagon cannot recommend Starminster highly enough.


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