Stay Where You Are And Then Leave


Alfie’s Dad went off to fight for king and country the day after war broke out, having promised Alfie he wouldn’t. Four years on, Alfie hasn’t seen his Dad and he doesn’t know where he might be.  His Mum tells him he’s away on a special, secret mission. Then, while shining shoes at King’s Cross Station, Alfie unexpectedly sees his father’s name – on a bundle of papers belonging to a military doctor.

In his bewilderment, Alfie realises his father may be in a hospital close by – a hospital treating soldiers with an unusual condition. But why would his Dad be there if he is on a special mission? Alfie is determined to discover the truth and to rescue his father.

John Boyne is a special writer and this beautifully written and moving story acts as a special tribute to those that fought in the First World War and to the families and communities they left behind.

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Stay Where You Are And Then Leave

John Boyne

(Random House Children’s)

After Alfie’s father has enlisted to fight in the Great War, ages go by without Alfie hearing from him.  His mother insists his father is on a special secret mission, but Alfie fears the worst.  One day, while shining shoes at Kings Cross station, Alfie accidentally discovers some information about his father that leads him on to a dangerous and desperate search for the truth.
This modern classic tells the moving story of Alfie’s dramatic search for his father.  There is a great literary tradition that has emerged from the First World War, and this is part of it.  A moving tribute to the people that went off to war and the families and communities they left behind.


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