STEMville: The Bee Connection


In STEMville: The Bee Connection we meet Mason B. Chandler, a masonry bee, but also a detective and solitary bee on a mission.  She needs the help of readers to solve a mystery in Bug Borough, a district of STEMville.  The borough has been overrun with honey!

As Mason follows clues to solving the mystery, readers will learn everything there is to know about bees. We find out about the different types of bees, their homes, their life cycle, how they communicate and what we can all do to help look after them and build habitats in which they can thrive.

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STEMville: The Bee Connection

Ben Newman

(Flying Eye)

STEMville: The Bee Connection introduces us to Mason B. Chandler, head of Stemville’s private detective agency.  Mason is presented with her first case, when a district of the town comes to a standstill, overrun with honey.  Mason is on the case and in so doing introduces readers to the fascinating world of bees along the way.
Through a blend of information and illustrations, The Bee Connection is perfect for curious nature lovers.  Furthermore, we follow Mason in her investigation, readers are introduced to different varieties of bees and their lifestyles. The information is given in a  readable and accessible style, brilliantly supported by the bright and colourful illustrations.
There are throughout practical suggestions for how to be ‘bee friendly’, including hints on how to encourage these crucial creatures into our parks and gardens.  We also learn much about the crucial role bees play in the pollination process and their life cycle.  The approach of this book is wholly inclusive and supportive of science curriculum and resources.
Bookwagon stocks many books on bees and other insects.  The role of bees in pollination is fully explored in I Ate Sunshine For Breakfast for example.


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