It seems that Sterling the moose is determined to wile away his days amongst herds of cows. Nothing deters him, be it high fences or dogs. Somehow, the allure of cow gas has him led by the nose.

Therefore, when he’s deported to the Canadian border, it seems unlikely that Sterling might ever find his way back to the herd from which he’s been separated. After all he’s been drugged and confused. Then again,  nobody reckoned upon Star, the cow whose rump Sterling collides. it seems it’s meant to be. Thereafter, Sterling leads Star and her herd away, to an idyll, possibly. Certainly, the farmer is loathe to intrude, and runs out to climb a tree….

Sterling, ‘the Lovestruck Moose with a Heart for Cows’, is a delight. Not only is the real life tale a joy to read, but the spring filled pictures and tongue-in-cheek tone are great fun, too. Bookwagon loves Sterling, and recommends it as a book for newer chapter book reader, those who enjoy animals stories, and for bedtime too.

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True Stories of Animal Heroes

Vita Murrow and Laivi Põder

(Frances Lincoln)– hardback

Sterling is a million miles away from The Whale by Vita Murrow. However it is an animal story, yet one from 1977, when ‘a 450 kid moose befriended cows in Morrisville, USA’.
It seems that this moose will not be deterred. Sterling’s need to be amongst the cows he seeks has him evading farm dogs and knocking down fences. What’s more, even when he’s deported to the Canadian border, he’s able to locate cows, thanks to the smell of gas. It seems like catnip to our moose!
However, what of the cows? It appears that when Sterling’s rump bumps with Star’s, it’s as though their ‘two hearts collided’. Then again, she is not the only cow to fall for our moose’s charms. It seems as though Sterling’s able to entice the other cows to crowd around and then encourage them to follow him!
Yet what of the farmer? Could it be that he’s so overwhelmed by the moose’s allure to his herd that he might climb a tree? It seems he’s reluctant to get in the way of true love!
Bookwagon loves Sterling, and recommends it as an early chapter book, non-fiction selection.


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