Stig & Tilde Vanisher’s Island


All fourteen-year olds take a month on Tilsa Island; it’s Kulku, a tradition. Although the parents of Stig and Tilde are anxious when they farewell the pair, nothing can prepare any of the group for what lies ahead.

Tilde offers the motor boat’s steering wheel to Stig reluctantly to take shelter from the storm in the hatch. When he joins her, offering that he’s propped the wheel up so the boat heads in the direction of the island, Tilde is not happy. They’re both panicked when they realise the hatch door is stuck fast. They are now at the mercy of the storm and currents. Will they survive whatever is thrown at them?

‘Stig & Tilde Vanisher’s Island‘ is largely the story of what happens next…. The twins’  destination is an eerie island without any other life, or so it seems initially. Yet Tilde detects odd, sculptured trees and stones, before meeting Arne. This islander is not all he seems. He tells Tilde the story of evil Matilda, who has left him marooned on the island. Arne asks her not to tell Stig about him. While Stig repairs the boat, Tilde becomes closer to Arne, who helps her find food and discover the island. What is Arne’s real story?

‘Stig & Tilde Vanisher’s Island’ is a complex, eerie, original and gripping graphic novel. The character’s voices are clear in our heads, while the graphics are crisp, progressive, stylish and confident.


Stig & Tilde Vanisher’s Island

Max De Radiguès


Stig & Tilde Vanisher’s Island‘ opens with a farewell. Stig and Tilde reassure their parents that their month on the island of Tysla on the outskirts of their town, is ‘a lame summer camp’. After all hundreds of kids have taken the same journey upon their fourteenth birthday! It’s a meet up with all the amenities. The twins accelerate the outboard motor and head off.
Driving rain inspires Tilde to allow Stig to steer the boat that she might shelter in the hatch. Yet the rain falls so heavily that Stig decides to join her. Stig has ‘blocked the wheel on the right course.’ Tilde isn’t happy and urges Stig to return to the wheel. However, the hatch door is jammed shut. It seems like the children are left to the mercy of currents, storms and an eventual destination.
It’s a gripping introduction to a really engaging, fascinating, eerie tale. Where will Stig and Tilde land? What happens to their boat? Furthermore, are they alone entirely? Will they salvage enough that they might attempt a rescue bid?
Bookwagon is delighted to bring ‘Stig & Tilde Vanisher’s Island‘ to our graphic novel enthusiasts. This is a mature title that offers more than a few goosebumps and surprises! The graphics are crisp and perfectly sequenced, while the text supports the pictorial storytelling superbly. We recommend this title for readers who enjoy Raina Telgemeier’s Ghosts


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