Stitch Head – The Graphic Novel


Stitch Head is the first of the creature creations by the obsessive Professor Erasmus.  Stitch Head has been largely forgotten by his creator, but he is also the one who quietly protects the town from the rest of the Professor’s monstrous creations. Forced to working away in the shadows, Stitch Head is offered the chance to be seen – twice.  Firstly by his new friend Creature, and then by an unscrupulous circus ringmaster who has brought his cruel freak show into town.

Does Stitch Head want a new life, one in the spotlight instead of the shadows and does he really need a friend? Most importantly, who should he trust? 

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Stitch Head – The Graphic Novel

Guy Bass, art work by Pete Williamson, with colour by Kat Cass

(Little Tiger Press)

Stitch Head is a curious, semi-human early creation of the eccentric (mad?) Professor Erasmus.  This time Stitch Head steps out into his first graphic novel adventure, following a series of popular novels.
Stitch Head’s fate is to dwell in the background as the eccentric Professor Erasmus creates increasingly dangerous and unhinged characters.  Each of them is left to inhabit the spooky Castle Grotteskew, but with little to actually do.  Like the other monster creations, he feels forgotten and abandoned.
However, Fulbert Freakfinder’s Travelling Carnival of Unnatural Wonders has arrived in town and Fulbert wants Stitch Head to join his carnival.  He wants to make him a star.  But Fulbert is a cruel and exploitative boss and surely is not to be trusted. It’s a scary step for Stitch Head, but his current life is unfulfilled and forgotten.  Fulbert appears to offering him the chance to change his life. What will Stitch Head decide on the horns of this dilemma?  This is a brilliantly written and illustrated graphic that is both dark and very funny.
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