Stone Age Beasts


Stone Age Beasts dares you to come face-to-face with the some of the biggest and most awe-inspiring prehistoric animals.  This superb introduction to the Stone Age world brings to readers the stupendous giants that shared the earth with our human ancestors.  We learn about the woolly mammoth and the fearsome sabre-toothed cat, as well as the lesser known elephant bird and the giant wombat.  The engaging and highly informative text by Ben Lerwill is brilliantly accompanied by stunning illustrations by Kate Greenaway Medal winner Grahame Baker-Smith.  Every page is packed with jaw-dropping facts and features about the animal’s anatomy and behaviour, with an emphasis on how it interacted with early humans.  There is a really helpful glossary and end notes offering additional colour and context to round out a boldly packaged and richly absorbing journey of discovery.

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Stone Age Beasts

Ben Lerwill, illustrated by Grahame Baker Smith

(Walker Books)

Stone Age Beasts introduces readers to some of the most amazing creatures ever to have walked the earth.  Three million years ago, at the beginning of the Stone Age, humans had just started making stone tools. The Stone Age lasted to about 4,000 years ago and was the period when animals and humans began to co-exist.
During the Stone Age, things would have looked rather different, both in terms of the world map and different climates that encouraged different species to thrive.  In this fascinating picture book, Ben Lerwill describes 18 stone age animals that are now extinct.  Some are justifiably well-known, such as the sabre-tooth cat and Woolly Mammoth.  Others, however, are little known, such as the Siberian Unicorn and the Giant Short-Faced Kangaroo. Yet, humans lived alongside these (often giant) animals, and often hunted them for their skin, meat or bones.
Each animal is explored in a double page spread, beautifully illustrated by Kate Greenaway Medal winner Grahame Baker- Smith.  The profiles of the beasts feature super accessible information panels and fun and readable facts about the animal’s habitat, habits, food and prey.  This is not just a wonderful guide to these amazing animals, but also an excellent introduction to the Stone Age itself.


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