Stone Girl Bone Girl


Laurence Anholt and Sheila Moxley present the story of Mary Anning, best known for discovering Ichthyosaurus, at the age of 12 years. There is more though, from an early escape from disaster, to the influence of Pepper, her father, and the Philpot sisters’ ‘curiosities’.

‘Stone Girl Bone Girl‘ is truly fascinating. We realise  how groundbreaking Mary Anning’s efforts were, in terms of her setting, age and gender.

We recommend this title highly, to readers at home and school. In this centenary year of women’s suffrage, women like Mary Anning, who achieved so much despite monumental obstacles, should known, respected and celebrated. ‘Stone Girl Bone Girl‘ is an ideal start, suggested as a great book for readers aged from 8 or 9 years of age.


Stone Girl Bone Girl

A Story of Mary Anning of Lyme Regis

Laurence Anholt, illustrated by Sheila Moxley

(Frances Lincoln Children’s Books)

‘She sells seashells upon the seashore…’ goes the rhyme about  Mary Anning, ‘Stone Girl Bone Girl‘. Laurence Anholt and Sheila Moxley tell the story of this heroine of research and discovery so thoughtfully and well, building anticipation and interest in her fate and work. We recommend ‘Stone Girl Bone Girl‘ to readers aged from 8 or 9 years of age.


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