Stop that Dinosaur!


Grab the scooter! It’s time to head off in hot pursuit of the brontosaurus who’s caused ‘the walls to tremble’ and thereafter snatched Granny and run off with her! What’s more it was at ‘extra special cake’ time. What will Mummy say?

We’ll push off flapping ducks and urge the scooter through long grass and round the park. We’ll work our best through the woods and a hillside, for we just want Granny back! All the time we’re shouting ‘Stop that Dinosaur!’ What does a brontosaurus want with Granny?

There is a compelling chase across every terrain. What’s more there is real urgency and drama, too. Alex English’s rich, rhyming text is one with which readers will love to participate. There’s rhyme, melodrama, rich sense of delightful melodrama, all highlighted by the brilliant illustrations from Ben Cort. Bookwagon loves Stop that Dinosaur! and suggest your readers will too!

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Stop that Dinosaur!

Alex English, illustrated by Ben Cort


Knock! Knock! Ring! Ring!  Who is at the door? Granny had better be careful because she’s about to be ‘snatched up‘ by a brontosaurus! Stop that Dinosaur!  It seems that dinosaur is ‘very fast and nimble on its feet’. Therefore, a scooter might be necessary for pursuit. Yet where will the dinosaur carry Granny? Surely not ‘towards the pond and past the slide’?
It seems that nothing, not even ducks on the handlebars will stop the chase! The scooter whizzes onward, while we shout, ‘Stop!’
The chase goes on, ‘up the high street, past the shops and the town hall’ but where is the dinosaur is headed? Furthermore, why does it not heed the calls to stop? Will long grass or fields halt its progress? What about a hillside and a wood? Thereafter, what is Mum going to say when she finds Granny gone? It is such a pickle!
Alex English and Ben Cort’s bright, urgent, journeying, rhyming picture book is a triumph! We can hear young readers joining in, shouting out, anticipating the rhyme, relishing the adventure. Why has the brontosaurus snatched Granny? Furthermore, how do we get her back? This funny, inventive picture book reminds us of favourite titles such as There’s a Pig up my Nose! or Have You Seen My Blankie? Such titles are ideal for reading aloud, rereading, reciting and becoming part of a familiar, beloved repertoire.



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