Stories for Kids who Dare To Be Different


Stories for Kids who Dare To Be Different’ is an uplifting, factually rich and fascinating compendium. Amongst a stage of about a hundred, we are introduced to subjects as diverse as Elizabeth of Hungary or John Boyega!

Ben Brooks is keen to establish that these people, kids, have made or make a difference. The difference may be in an attitude.  Taka Zenryu Kawakami has married gay Japanese couples in the Shunkoin temple in an effort to demonstrate an undiscriminated acceptance of sexuality. Christine de Pezan became the first professional female writer in France, determined to represent fourteenth century women, truthfully.

The difference may be in an action, like the unnamed German schoolteacher who rescued a three-year old who fell 25 metres into a disused coal shaft, hidden in the woods. It may be the continued actions of the White Helmets in Syria, or New York’s Innocence Project, which unearths evidence to release those unfairly convicted.

There are individual heroes, like Nobel prizewinner Tu Youyou, who isolated a variety of sweet wormwood from traditional Chinese medicine as a treatment effective against malaria. Witold Pilecki sent information about the atrocities in Auschwitz through volunteering to be arrested and sent to the camp. His illegal radio transmissions alerted the world to the Nazi nightmare.

‘Stories for Kids who Dare To Be Different‘ is an outstanding collection of meaningful lives that demand to be known. These stories are comprehensive, educational and truly inspiring.

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Stories for Kids who Dare To Be Different

True Tales of Boys and Girls Who Stood Up and Stood Out

Ben Brooks, illustrated by Quinton Winter

(Quercus Books)- hardback

From an eighteen-year old Florida science student to a fifteenth century saint, ‘Stories for Kids who Dare To Be Different‘ offers a host of inspiring subjects. The range is jaw dropping, the selection, unexpected. How did Ben Brooks make these wonderful selections?
The clear layout, with picture, introduction, dates and description across a double- page, makes this book accessible and convincing. ‘Stories for Kids who Dare To Be Different’ is an outstanding title for home and school!


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